Administrative Staff

Name Designation Email
Prof. Om Prakash Singh Negi Vice Chancellor [email protected]
Bharat Singh Registrar [email protected]
Abha Garkhal Finance Controller [email protected]
Prof. P. D. Pant Controller of Examination [email protected]
Dr. Rakesh Rayal Public Relation Officer [email protected]

Academic Staff

School: School of Management Studies & Commerce
Name Designation/Department Email
Prof R. C. Mishra Professor, [email protected]
Dr. Gagan Singh Assistant Professor, Commerce [email protected]
Dr. Manjari Agrawal Assistant Professor, Management [email protected]
Er. Sumit Prasad Assistant Professor, Management [email protected]
School: School of Social Science
Name Designation/Department Email
Prof Girija Pande Professor, History [email protected]
Dr. Madan Mohan Joshi Assistant Professor, History [email protected]
Dr. Deepak Paliwal Assistant Professor , Sociology [email protected]
Dr. Surya Bhan Singh Assistant Professor, Political Science [email protected]
Dr. Neerja Singh Assistant Professor, Social Work [email protected]
Dr. Seeta Assistant Professor, Psychology [email protected]
Ms. Shalini Chaudhary Assistant Professor, Economics [email protected]
Dr. Ghanshyam Joshi Academic Associate, Public Administration [email protected]
Dr. Bhavna Dobhal Academic Associate, Sociology [email protected]
School: School of Journalism & Media Studies
Name Designation/Department Email
Prof. Govind Singh (On Leave) Professor, Journalism [email protected]
Bhupen Singh Assistant Professor, Journalism [email protected]
Mr. Rajendra Singh Kweera Academic Associate, Journalism [email protected]
School: School of Humanities
Name Designation/Department Email
Prof H.P. Shukla Professor, English [email protected]
Dr. Devesh Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor, Sanskrit [email protected]
Dr. Shashank Shukla Assistant Professor, Hindi [email protected]
Dr. Suchitra Awasthi Assistant Professor, English [email protected]
Dr. Rajendra Kaira Academic Associate, Hindi [email protected]
Mr. Dwijesh Upadhyay Academic Associate, Music [email protected]
Dr. Nandan Kumar Tiwari Assistant Professor, Jyotish [email protected]
School: School of Computer Sciences & Information Technology
Name Designation/Department Email
Prof Durgesh Pant Professor, Computer Science [email protected]
Dr. Jeetendra Pande Assistant Professor, Computer Science [email protected]
Mr. Balam Singh Dafouti Academic Associate, Computer Science [email protected]
School: School of Tourism & Hotel Management
Name Designation/Department Email
Dr. Jatashankar Ramprasad Tewari Assistant Professor, Hotel Management [email protected]
Dr. Akhilesh Singh Assistant Professor, Tourism [email protected]
Dr Subhash Chand Ramola Academic Associate, Hotel Management [email protected]
School: School of Education
Name Designation/Department Email
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor, Education [email protected]
Dr. Praveen Kumar Tiwari (On Leave) Assistant Professor, Education [email protected]
Ms. Mamta Kumari Assistant Professor, Education [email protected]
Dr. Kalpana Patni Lakhera Assistant Professor, Special Education [email protected]
Dr. Siddharth Pokhriyal Academic Associate, Special Education [email protected]
Manisha Pant Academic Associate, Education [email protected]
School: School of Sciences
Name Designation/Department Email
Dr. Harish Chandra Joshi Assistant Professor, Forestry [email protected]
Dr. Kamal Devlal Assistant Professor, Physics [email protected]
Dr. Shalini Singh Assistant Professor, Chemistry [email protected]
Dr. Mohd. Akram Assistant Professor, Geography [email protected]
Dr. Charu Chandra Pant Academic Associate, Chemistry [email protected]
Dr. Shyam Singh Kunjwal Academic Associate, Zoology [email protected]
Dr. Ranju J.Pandey Academic Associate, Geography [email protected]
Dr. Pooja Juyal Academic Associate, Botany [email protected]
School: School of Health Sciences
Name Designation/Department Email
Dr. Hemant Kandpal Assistant Professor, Ayurveda [email protected]
Dr Bhanu Prakash Joshi Assistant Professor, Yoga [email protected]
Dr. Preeti Bora Academic Associate, Home Science [email protected]
Mrs. Monika Dwivedi Academic Associate, Home Science [email protected]
School: School of Agriculture & Development Studies
Name Designation/Department Email
Dr. Virendra Kumar Assistant Professor, Agriculture [email protected]
School: School of Law
Name Designation/Department Email
Deepankur Joshi Academic Associate , Law [email protected]
School: School of Vocational Studies
Name Designation/Department Email
Dr. Gopal Datt Academic Associate, [email protected]