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School of Earth and Environmental Science

Director: Prof. P. D. Pant

The School of Earth and Environmental Science is a scientific community that studies the Earth and its neighbors in space. The School aims to provide a diverse, inclusive environment which fosters open-minded critical thinking and debate, and is committed to creating a scientifically literate and informed society. The School welcomes everyone who shares these aspirations. SoEES produces new knowledge about earth and environmental processes and human-environment interactions at all geographic and temporal scales, provides the scientific basis for environmental and climate policy, trains the next generation of earth and environmental scientists, and disseminates knowledge and solutions for the benefit of students and society. The combination of field, instrumental, computational, and modeling approaches in the earth and environmental sciences within one unit is a major strength. SoEES facilitates interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach/extension activities across the various departments and laboratories.

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences was established in the year 2018. In shorts span, the School has established excellent facilities to get quality education in the field of environment and earth sciences particularly in Distance Learning.  School is having four teaching departments viz. Department of Geology, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science, Department of Geography and natural Resource Management and Department of Remote sensing and GIS
SoEES offers four Post Graduate courses in Environmental Science, Geography and Geoinformatics. In addition to this, school has started Certificate course in geoinformatics under career oriented certificate courses.
The SoEES is working as interdisciplinary center to learn and disseminate the knowledge in various aspects of environment by offering M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees to students. The School intends to impart special laboratory training to students who can easily handle the emerging environmental problems of various kinds faced by the industries and the society on both technological and environmental fronts. There is one Professor, one Assistant Professor and five Assistant Professor (AC) in the School.
Objectives of the School

  • To promote comprehensive understanding of the subject by teaching both conventional and new areas of relevance in the domain of Earth and Environmental Science.
  • To promote quality teaching with regular up-gradation of course structure, syllabus and course materials for the students.
  • To promote comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge in both teaching and research by emphasizing inter-linking geology with biological, chemical and physical sciences.
  • To motivate and inform students about the opportunities and future prospects in the field of Earth and Environmental Science.
  • To develop the overall personality of students and prepare them to compete and success in their endeavors and inculcate the values of tolerance, progressiveness and fraternity that contributes towards the making of a healthy and prosperous society.


Departments of the School

  1. Department of Geology
  2. Department of Forestry and Environmental Science
  3. Department of Geography and Natural Resource Management
  4. Department of Remote Sensing and GIS



Department of Forestry and Enviromental Science

M. Sc.  and B. Sc. (Environmental Science-Forestry)

M. A. (Environmental Studies)

Prof. P.D. Pant
Dr. H.C. Joshi                               
Dr. Hemant Kandpal
Dr. Beena Tiwari Fulara                          
Dr. Krishna Kumar Tamta
Diksha Sah
Ms. Neha Tiwari
Ms. Bhawana 
Department of Geography and Natural Resource Management M. A. and  B. A. Geography. Dr. Ranju Joshi Pandey   
Dr. Sudhanshu Kumar Verma 
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Pant
Dr. Mohan Singh
Dr. Mahendra Singh
Department of Remote Sensing and GIS M. Sc. (Geoinformatics) Mr.Sunil Tewari
Dr. Himani Bisht
Mrs. Chetna Lohani

Programmes Offered in School of Sciences

Post Graduate

  • Master of Science (Environmental Science) (MSCES)
  • Master of Science/Arts (Geography) (MAGE/MSCGE)
  • Master of Science  (Geoinformatics) (MAGIS/MSCGIS)


  •  Bachelor of Science (BSCG)
  • Bachelor of Science Single Subject (BSCS)


  • Diploma in Non Wood Forest Products (DNWFP)
  • Diploma in Geoinformatics (DGIS)


  • Certificate in Non Wood Forest Products (CNWFP)
  • Certificate in Geoinformatics (CGIS)


For Administrative enquiries:

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Toll Free : 1800 180 4025
Operator : 05946-286000

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Book Distribution Unit : 05946-286001

Exam Section : 05946-286022

Fax : 05946-264232