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People : Dr. Ranju Joshi Pandey

Name: Dr. Ranju Joshi Pandey
Designation: Academic Associate
School : School of Earth and Environment Science, Geography
Qualification: M.A., Ph.D
Phone : 05946286037
Email : [email protected]

Teaching areas: Geomorphology, Disaster Management, Remote Sensing & GIS Research areas: Disaster Management, RS & GIS

International  Research Papers
1)International journal of  Innovative Research & Development Vol.2 Issue 3 “Landslide and Risk Assessment in Uttarakhand with special Reference to Malpa”…..March2013

2)IOSR journal of Humanities and social Science Vol. 9 Issue 3 “ Natural Disasters and Risk Assessment in Uttarakhand with special reference to Uttarkashi Earthquake”…….March April 2013

3)International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow Vol.2 Issue 4 “Disaster mitigation in Uttarakhand with Special reference to Okhimath Landslide”………April 2013

National Research Paper
1)Disaster Management for the Purpose of BBA students, Indian Knowledge Corporation, Pune

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