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Study Center

HEC Group of Institutions, Jagjeetpur, Haridwar | Centre Code : 12080

Coordiantor Name: Dr. Maushmi Goel
Address: Laksar Road, Jagjeetpur

HARIDWAR, Uttarakhand
Phone: 01334-244958, 919358222793, Email: [email protected]

List of Programmes Offered :

Code Programme Name
BA-17 Bachelor of Arts
BBA-17 Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA-21 Bachelor of Business Administration
BCA-17 Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCA-21 Bachelor of Computer Applications
BCOM-17 Bachelor of Commerce
BCOM-21 Bachelor of Commerce
BSC-17 Bachelor of Science
BSCG-21 Bachelor of Science
BSCS-18 Bachelor of Science( Single Subject)
BSCS-21 Bachelor of Science ( Single Subject)
CAFN-17 Certificate in Ayurvedic Food and Nutrition
CAHC-17 Certificate in Ayurvedic Herb Cultivation
CAM-17 Certificate in Ayurvedic Masseur
CBIL-19 Certificate in Banking and Insurance Law
CCA-17 Certificate in Computer Application
CCOM-17 Certificate Course in Office Management
CCPR-17 Certificate Course in Panchayati Raj
CEGCS-19 Certificate in e-Governance and Cyber Security
CFN-18 Certificate Course in Food & Nutrition
CHBC-17 Certificate in Herbal Beauty Care
CHR-19 Certificate in Human Rights
CME-17 Certificate in Memory Enhancement
COF-17 Certificate in Organic Farming
CPJ-17 Certificate in Phalit Jyotish
CRTI-17 Certificate in Right to Information
CRTI-21 Certificate in Right to Information.
CVDMM-19 C. Voc. (Digital Marketing & Management)-
CVDMM-21 C. Voc. (Digital Marketing & Management)
CVEOM-19 C. Voc. (Soft Skill & E- Office Management)-
CVEOM-21 C. Voc. (Soft Skill & E- Office Management)
CVK-17 Certificate in Vedic Karmkand
CVTEE-19 C. Voc. (Technology Enabled Education)
CVTEE-21 C. Voc. (Technology Enabled Education)
CVWDD-19 C. Voc. (Web Designing & Development)
CVWDD-21 C. Voc. (Web Designing & Development)
DCH-17 Diploma in Commercial Horticulture
DIT-17 Diploma in Information Technology
DPHCN-19 Diploma in Public Health & Community Nutrition
DPJ-17 Diploma in Phalit Jyotish
DVDMM-19 D. Voc. (Digital Marketing & Management)
DVDMM-21 D. Voc. (Digital Marketing & Management)
DVEOM-19 D. Voc. (Soft Skill & E- Office Management)
DVEOM-21 D. Voc. (Soft Skill & E- Office Management)
DVK-17 Diploma in Vedic karmakand
DVS-20 Diploma in Vastu Shashtra (वास्तु शास्त्र में डिप्लोमा)
DVTEE-19 D. Voc. (Technology Enabled Education)
DVTEE-21 D. Voc. (Technology Enabled Education)
DYS-17 Diploma in Yogic Science
MAEC-17 Master of Arts (Economics)
MAEC-20 M.A.ECONOMICS (एम0ए0अर्थशास्त्र)
MAEC-21 M.A.ECONOMICS (एम0ए0अर्थशास्त्र)
MAEL-17 Master of Arts (English)
MAEL-20 Master of Arts (English)
MAEL-21 Master of Arts(English)
MAHI-17 Master of Arts (History)
MAHI-20 M.A. HISTORY (एम0ए0इतिहास)
MAHI-21 M.A. HISTORY (एम0ए0इतिहास)
MAHL-17 Master of Arts (Hindi)
MAHL-20 Master of Arts (Hindi) मास्टर ऑफ आर्ट्स (हिंदी )
MAHL-21 Master of Arts (Hindi) मास्टर ऑफ आर्ट्स (हिंदी)
MAHS-19 MASTER OF ARTS (Home Science)
MAHS-21 MASTER OF ARTS (Home Science)
MAPA-17 Master of Arts (Public Administration)
MAPA-20 MASTER OF ARTS (PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION)मास्‍टर ऑफ आर्ट्स (पब्लिक एडमिनिस्‍ट्रेशन)
MAPA-21 MASTER OF ARTS(PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION)मास्‍टर ऑफ आर्ट्स (पब्लिक एडमिनिस्‍ट्रेशन)
MAPS-17 Master of Arts (Political Science)
MASO-17 Master of Arts (Sociology)
MASO-20 M.A. Sociology (एम0ए0 समाजशास्त्र्)
MASO-21 M.A. Sociology (एम0ए0 समाजशास्त्र्)
MBA-17 Master of Business Administration
MCA-17 Master of Computer Applications
MCA-20 MASTER OF COMPUTER APPLICATIONS(मास्टर ऑफ़ कंप्यूटर एप्लीकेशन्स)
MCOM-17 Master of Commerce
MCOM-20 MASTER OF COMMERCE (मास्ट्र ऑफ कॉमर्स)
MCOM-21 MASTER OF COMMERCE (मास्ट्र ऑफ कॉमर्स)
MSCBOT-17 Master of Science in Botany
MSCBOT-20 Master of Science (Botany)
MSCBOT-21 Master of Science(Botany)
MSCCH-17 Master of Science (Chemistry)
MSCCH-20 Master of Science (Chemistry)
MSCCH-21 Master of Science(Chemistry)
MSCMT-20 Master of Science (Mathematics)
MSCMT-21 Master of Science (Mathematics)
MSCPH-21 Master of Science(Physics)
MSCPHY-17 Master of Science in Physics
MSCPHY-20 Master of Science (Physics) मास्टrर ऑफ साइंस (भौतिक विज्ञान)
MSCZO-20 Master of Science (Zoology)मास्टर ऑफ साइन्स (जन्तु विज्ञान)
MSCZO-21 Master of Science (Zoology)
MSW-17 Master of Social Work
MSW-21 Master of Social Work
PGDCA-17 PG Diploma in Computer Application
PGDCA-20 Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications

For Administrative enquiries:

Uttarakhand Open University

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Haldwani (Nainital) 263139 Uttarakhand

Toll Free : 1800 180 4025
Operator : 05946-286000

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Fax : 05946-264232