Notice for the Viva-Voce of MBA Learners for CP-3005/MS-204, for June 2019 Exam

List of Eligible, Eligiblebut Examination form not filled and Not-Eligible Learner(s) of MBA Programme for CP-3005/MS-204, June 2019 Examinations
All Students of MBA IV and VI Semester appearing for Project Work (CP-3005/MS-204) are being hereby informed that their Viva-Voce shall be held as-per the following schedule at Dehradun and Haldwani. Please note your date and reporting time of Viva carefully.
Dates for Viva-Voce:

Notice for MBA Fourth and Sixth Semester Learners

All the learners of MBA IV and VI Semester are hereby informed that a special counseling session is being scheduled and it is being organized in the month of April to help the learners with the preparation of the project reports. All the learners enrolled for project work are expected to attend the special counseling session as per their convenience either at Haldwani or at Dehradun. But it is mandatory for all the MBA Fourth and Sixth Semester learners to attend this session. The details for the said workshop are mentioned as under;

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