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People : Ms. Pritee Sharma

Name: Ms. Pritee Sharma
Designation: Assistant Professor (AC)
School : School of Library & Information Sciences,
Qualification: B.L.I.Sc, M.L.I.Sc, PGDLAN (Pursuing), B.B.A., M.A. (Sociology), M.E.R.D.( Master of Extension & Rural Development)
Phone : 9068504976
Email : [email protected]

Ms. Pritee Sharma is working as an Assistant Professor (A. C.) of the Library & Information Science Department at Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani. She has to her credit 3 research papers in International Journals, 2 papers in International and National conference proceedings and 1 paper in  The International webinar, 1 refereed book. Her current area of interest is Current Trends in Library and Information Science, Digital Repositories, Library Automation.

Ms. Sharma has worked as a Project Assistant in the Archive Project in IIT Roorkee, as an Assistant Project Manager and Volunteer Teacher in Opportunity School in IIT Kanpur. She has been worked as a Coordinator to Promote awareness about “HIV/AIDS” in Rural Areas of Kanpur, as a Volunteer for Urban Health Imitative (U.H.I.) and Action for Women & Rural Development (AWARD). She has carried out many projects worked as a Researcher counsellor and Report writer for The National Child Labour Project, Assessment of the Impact of NRHM on Health Services in Rural & Urban Areas of Kanpur Districts, and as a Block Coordinator for Action for Women and Rural Development.

Ms. Sharma has been qualified UGC Net JRF in  Library & Information Science in June 2019 & June 2020, and UGC Net many times as  July 2018, December 2018,  June 2019, December 2019 for the same and December 2013, June 2014 in Adult Education/ Continuing Education.

Ms. Sharma has  participated in various conferences and webinars such as Academic Writing Organized by Haryana Library Association, Karnal, Haryana, Strengthening  Research Panning Using Elsevier’s Science Direct & SCOPUS, Progressive and Futuristic Skill Development,  SACLIB-2021 International Webinar on "Effect of ICT Tools among the Academics", Covid -19 Third Wave & Children: Facts, Emerging Trends and Challenges, Online Teaching - Learning and Online Assessment, Digitization of Learning: Issues and Concerns of Safety and Securities of Children, A National Webinar Management of E-resources in Libraries, Organized by Telangana Library Association, Hyderabad. She has actively participated in various workshops such as the Online Advanced Training Programme on “Bibliometrics and Research Output Analysis” organized by Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, e-Workshop on “Research Data Management for Higher Educational Institutes”, e-workshop on "Digital Access Brokers: Tools to Explore Open Access Resources" conducted by Department of Library and Information Science, Kalyani University.

Research Areas: Current Treads in Library and Information Science, Digital Repositories, Library Automation.

Sharma, Pritee, “An Assessment of the Impact of NRHM on Health Services in Rural & Urban Areas of Kanpur Districts”, VSRD Academic  Book Publishing, 2015.

Pritee Sharma, " Information Security Enhancements using Cryptography”,  International Conference  on Engineering Science & Advance Research, IEEE Conference on Engineering Science & Advance Research (ESAR), vol. 4, 2018, pp. 35.

Pritee Sharma, " Information Security Enhancements using Cryptography”,  National Conference  on Digital Library, 2018, pp. 128.

Pritee Sharma, "Information Resource Management and Integration Practice in P.K. Kelkar Library”, 2nd International Webinar on Technological Innovations & Environmental Changes in Modern Libraries, 2021.

Pritee Sharma, “Digital Repository: Need of Modern Libraries /Emerging trends of modern librariesInternational journal of Science and Research, vol. 10, no. 14, 2021, pp. 1157-1160.

Pritee Sharma, “Serial Management Service in LibSys Library Software: A Case Study of IIT Roorkee International journal of Science and Research, vol. 10, no. 14, 2021, pp. 968-971.

Pritee Sharma, “Statistical Analysis of School Going Children at Different Aspects of Education: A Scientific Study”, Rama Journals & Publications, vol. 3, no. 14, 2016, pp. 56-58.

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