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People : Dr. Gauri

Name: Dr. Gauri
Designation: Assistant Professor
School : School of Sciences, Physics
Qualification: Ph.D, U-SET, GATE
Phone :
Email : [email protected]

Gauri is working as an Assistant Professor of Department of Physics at Uttarakhand Open University in Haldwani. She has taught courses of Physics at both graduate and postgraduate level. Gauri has worked as an Assistant Professor of Physics at Bhakt Darshan Govt. P. G. College Lansdowne, Pauri Garhwal. Her interest is in teaching, research and content writing. She has specialization in Electronics.

Teaching Areas: Electronics, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Mathematical Physics

Research Area: Renewable Energy

  1. Gauri, Manish Singh Bisht, PC Pant, RC Gairola; “Effect of temperature on flooded lead-acid battery performance”; International Journal of Advanced Science and Research (January 2018); ISSN: 2455-4227
  2. Bipin Kumar Sharma, Manish Singh Bisht, Gauri and Rajesh Kumar; “Analysis of the performance parameters of lead acid batteries with different charging cut off voltages”; Invertis Journal of Renewable Energy (2015); ISSN 2454-7611
  3. Manish Singh Bisht, Gauri Negi, Bipin Kumar Sharma and Rajesh Kumar; “Performance Analysis of Various Lead-acid Technologies”; Invertis Journal of Renewable Energy (2015); ISSN 2454-7611
  4.  Gauri, Manish Singh Bisht, P.C Pant, R.P. Gairola “State of Health Assessment of Lead Acid Cells as a Function of Conductance” International Conference & Expo on “Advances in Power Generation from Renewable Energy Sources (APGRES 2017)”
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