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Frequently Asked Questions

Programmes offered under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

University is offering BHM Programme in Choice Based Credit System from the current academic session. The Choice Based Credit System includes core courses, ability enhancement courses, electives and skill based courses. These courses provide the additional avenues of learning beyond the core subjects for holistic development of an individual. For such programmes, after adding the Assignment Marks and Semester End Examination Marks,the marks secured by a learner from maximum marks shall be converted to the appropriate Letter grade and Grade point on prorate basis, i.e. using scaling down 100 marks to 10 Grade Point Scale. The Grade points so earned by the learners shall be considered for the computation of CGPA and SGPA.The grade points that are the numerical equivalent of letter grade assigned to a learner in the 09 points scale are given as below:

Letter gradeNumerical Grade
O (Outstanding)10
A+ (Excellent)9
A (Very Good)8
B+ (Good)7
B (Above Average)6
C (Average)5
D (Pass)4
F (Fail)0
Ab (Absent)0


Programme Delivery

The educational programmes of the University operate on a three tier arrangement, i.e., University Headquarter, Regional Centres and Study Centres. The Regional Centres located in different parts of the state are administered by the University Headquarters. Every Regional Centre acts as a coordinating agency between the University and the various Study Centres. The Study Centres, in turn, discharge both academic and administrative duties. All the counselling related activities are carried out by the various Study Centres.

What is Self Learning Materials (SLM)

In order to make learning easy and understandable, complex facts and ideas are made simple and manageable. The structure of the unit is very learner friendly as each chapter is first divided into blocks and the blocks are further divided into units. The main objective of this division is to make it possible for the learners to understand the lessons easily. Our material is prepared keeping in mind the requirements of our learners. The language of the SLM is conversational as it gives a feeling that the teacher is present with the learner to guide him/ her. Self Check exercises are also provided at the end of each unit. These kind of exercises do not just develop an interest for the subject in the learner's mind but also help them in logical understanding of the subject. Furthermore, a listing of reference books is also provided at the end of each unit so that the learners also undertake a comprehensive study of the subject. The study material available in Hindi or English medium, what so ever shall be distributed to the student, however Student may opt Hindi or English as medium of examination.

What is an Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. Open educational resources include full courses, course materials, modules, textbooks, streaming videos and any other tools, materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge." Uttarakhand Open University has own OER policy and developed OER portal named where the learners can access course materials and download the course materials in his own devices such as smart phone, laptop and desktop computer. In this OER portal there are two sections one is SLM ( section and another is OER section ( The SLM developed by faculty members reside in the SLM section. The learner can access the SLM through user id and password which is provided by the ICT department. In OER section anyone can direct access the course materials without any user id and password.

What are the Rules for Change in Study Centre

The University may change the study centre of a learner under the following circumstances: 32. If a study centre ceases to function on its own or is closed down by the University, the study centre opted by a learner is changed free of cost. 33. In case the learner withdraws from one Study Centre and wishes to get transferred into another Study Centre due to a job transfer, then his/ her study centre can be changed after s/he produces the Challan of Rs.500/ fee along with admission form and application of transfer. 34. If a female learner gets married and it necessitates the change of the current Centre, then she will have to submit her marriage certificate along with the application form for the change of centre and admission form. In such a case, the Study Centre may be changed for which requisite fee of Rs. 500 shall be payable.

What is the proceedure for Fee Reimbursement

As per the fee refund scheme, the application of the students from reserved category is forwarded to the concerned Department.

  1. If the application form has not been entered in SIS, 100% fee is refunded.
  2. If the University stops running a Programme, 100% fee refunded
  3. If the University cancels the admission, 90% fee is refunded. 
  4. If a student requests for cancellation of admission before the study material has been delivered, then 90% fee is refunded. 
  5. If a student requests for cancellation after the study material has been delivered, then no refund is possible. 
  6. In any case, the examination fee will neither be carried forward nor be refunded.

How do we Change Programme/ Subject/ Course

1.Change in Optional Subject and Medium: The learners may change his/her optional subject by depositing an additional fee of Rs. 300/- within 30 days of receiving the SLM. The medium of instruction/ examination may also be changed for the same amount.

2.Change in Programme: If a learner wishes to change his/ her programme in first year, then s/he is permitted to do so by paying an amount of Rs.1500/- within 30 days of receiving the study material. In addition to this, the problems related to a programme may also be considered only as per the University rules. The University may change Programme / Subject of a learner only under the following conditions:

  • A learner may change his/her Programme / Subject within 60 days of online entry of the admission form, if s/he applies for the same in the given format along with requisite fee. The applications received after the above mentioned duration will not be considered.
  • In the case of change in programme/ subject, if the new programme or subject has a lower fee than the programme / subject opted earlier, then the remaining amount will not be adjusted and if the desired programme / subject has a higher fee than the previous programme/ subject opted for by the learner, then s/he will have to pay an additional fee. In both the cases, the fee for change in programme / subject will be payable additionally.

As per the above mentioned arrangement, the fee is determined as under:

Change of Study Centre: Rs. 500/-

Change of Programme: Rs. 1500/-

Change of Subject: Rs. 300/-

Can we enroll for Admission/Examination in two different Programmes

If a student is enrolled in any programme and having passed the first year / semester examination, wishes to suspend that programme and apply for admission in a new programme, he/she can do so if s/he fulfills the following conditions:

  • Only those students who have successfully passed the first year / semester examination of the Programme in which they are enrolled are eligible for this facility.
  • The student seeking to suspend the present programme of study, so as to apply for admission in a new Programme, will duly submit his/her application to the Director, Admission within prescribed date for new admission.
  • Only after successfully completing the second (new) programme of study, the student will be allowed admission in the second year/semester of the previous suspended programme.
  • The student availing this facility will have to complete both the programmes within the time limit permissible at the time of admission in the first programme. For example, if a student enrolled in MA programme, for completing which the prescribed time limit is 06 years, decides to suspend it after passing the first year examination and seeks admission in a new programme, MBA, for example, s/he will have to complete both MA and MBA within 06 years from the date of enrollment in the MA programme, failing which the admission in the incomplete programme will stand cancelled.
  • The enrollment number generated at the time of the student 's first admission in any of the UOU programmes will remain valid for all subsequent programmes of study.
  • A student can study and appear for examination in only one degree programme in a given academic session. However, s/he can opt for admission in Diploma/ Certificate Programme in addition to the degree programmes.

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