Department of Hotel Management

Professional hospitality education and training today have assumed significance catering
to the global hospitality industry and other service sectors. Hospitality business is poised to create many new jobs, requiring appropriate education and training at all levels in this specialized sector of education. Teaching in this specialized area integrates both education and training to create and equip both supervisory level and entry level through a mix of education and training activities. The requirement in this modern arena is to provide a trained manpower in Tourism, and Hospitality & Hotel Administration. The basic objectives of these programmes are to provide certificate to:

1. Persons who are in job and want to upgrade their qualifications.

2. Persons who live in remote areas & hilly terrains where not many options of pursuing
higher education are available.

3. The aspirants who wish to upgrade their knowledge through distance mode due to
many reasons.

Opportunities in the field of hotel management exist with government as well as in the
private sector such as:



Guest Houses

Industrial/Institutional Catering

Privet catering



Service outsourcing

Railway catering

Restaurants etc.

The facilities proposed through norms and standards of this programme shall cater to delivery of the education and training of long and short duration programmes. The demand of the trained personnel in Hospitality sectors on annual basis is huge and the objective is to provide training through standardized curriculum, not just for hotel and restaurant business but also for different spectrum of hospitality service sectors. Keeping this in view Uttarakhand Open University has started the academic programmes in Hotel Administration.

Programmes Offered in Department of Hotel Management