PG Diploma Programmes Offered in 2013-14 Summer Session

S.No Programmesort icon Type Code Min Duration
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management PG Diploma PGDMM10 1 Year
2 Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management PG Diploma PGDHRM10 1 Year
3 Post Graduate Diploma in Geo Informatics PG Diploma PGDGIS11 1 Year
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA11) PG Diploma PGDCA11 1 Year
5 PG Diploma in Environment and Sustainable Development PGDESD12 PG Diploma PGDESD12 1 Year
6 PG Diploma in Disaster Management PG Diploma PGDDM10 1 Year
7 P.G.D. in GIS and Remote Sensing PGDGRS12 PG Diploma PGDGRS12 1 Year
8 P.G.D. in Disaster Management PGDDM12 PG Diploma PGDDM12 1 Year
9 P.G.D. in Cyber Law PGDCL12 PG Diploma PGDCL12 1 Year
10 P.G. Diploma Music (Vocal) PGDMV12 PG Diploma PGDMV12 1 Year
11 P.G. D. Music Instrumental (Tonal) PGDMI12 PG Diploma PGDMI12 1 Year
12 P.G. D. Music (Tabla) PGDMT12 PG Diploma PGDMT12 1 Year
13 P.G. D. in Journalism & Mass Communication PGDJMC12 PG Diploma PGDJMC12 1 Year
14 P.G. D. in Broadcast Journalism And New Media PGDBJ12 PG Diploma PGDBJ12 1 Year
15 P.G. D. in Advertising & Public Relations PGDAPR12 PG Diploma PGDAPR12 1 Year
16 Diploma in Management PG Diploma DIM10 1 Year