Programme Details

Ph.D. Chemistry

Code: Ph.D.(CHE)-18 Credit : 16 Min-Duration : 36 (Month)| Max-Duration : 72 (Month)
Year/Semester : 1 Admission Fee : ₹ 6500.00 Exam Fee : ₹ 0.00 *Total : ₹ 6500
CW-01 Module I: Introduction of Research 4 Syllabus SLM
CW-02 Module II: Tools and techniques for data collection 3 Syllabus SLM
CW-03 Module III: Research Writing and Technological Inputs(ICT & GIS) in Research 2 Syllabus SLM
CW-04 Module IV: Discipline Specific Research Methodologies 3 Syllabus SLM
CW-05 Module V: Emerging Trends and Major Thrust areas in Discipline Specific Research Approaches 2 Syllabus SLM
CW-06 Module VI: Formulating a Research Proposal 2 Syllabus SLM

* Note: Miscellaneous fees ₹150/- for Admission in New Programme/First Year/Semester, Degree Fee ₹300/- (Last Year/Semester)

List of Study centres offering this Programme

SC Code SC Name
16000 U.O.U. Model Study Center, HALDWANI