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* Note: Miscellaneous fees ₹150/- for Admission in New Programme/First Year/Semester, Degree Fee ₹300/- (Last Year/Semester)

List of Study centres offering this Programme

SC Code SC Name
11000 UOU Model Study Center, DEHRADUN
11020 SGRR P.G. College, DEHRADUN
14009 H.N.B. Garhwal University Campus, PAURI
16000 U.O.U. Model Study Center, HALDWANI
16011 The Indian Institute of Management & Technology, HALDWANI
16034 M.B. Government P.G. College, HALDWANI
16090 H.N.B. Government P.G. College, KHATIMA
16100 Chanakya Law College, RUDRAPUR