Programme Details (Session18-19)

Master of Science in Botany

Code: MSCBOT-17 Credit : 64 Min-Duration : 24 (Month)| Max-Duration : 72 (Month)
Year/Semester : 1 Admission Fee : ₹ 8000.00 Exam Fee : ₹ 4600.00 *Total : ₹ 12600
BOT-501 Biology and Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria and Fungi 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-502 Biology and Diversity of Algae, Bryophyta and Pteridophyta 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-503 Gymnosperms, Taxonomy of Angiosperms and Anatomy 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-504 Biochemistry and Plant Physiology 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-505(L) Laboratory I 8 Syllabus SLM
Year/Semester : 2 Admission Fee : ₹ 8000.00 Exam Fee : ₹ 4600.00 *Total : ₹ 12600
BOT-551 Cell Biology, Genetics, Biostatistics and Ecology 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-552 Medicinal Plants and Embryology of Angiosperms 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-553 Applied Mycology and Plant Pathology 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-554 Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 6 Syllabus SLM
BOT-555(L) Laboratory II 8 Syllabus SLM

* Note: Miscellaneous fees ₹150/- for Admission in New Programme/First Year/Semester, Degree Fee ₹300/- (Last Year/Semester)

List of Study centres offering this Programme

SC Code SC Name
11112 VSKC Government Degree College, Dakpather, DEHRADUN
12034 Kunti Naman Degree College, HARIDWAR
12042 Government P.G. College, KOTDWARA
12079 Hariom Saraswati P.G. College, Dhanauri, Haridwar, HARIDWAR
12080 HEC Group of Institutions, Jagjeetpur, Haridwar, HARIDWAR
14005 Government PG College, JEHRIKHAL ,PAURI
14009 H.N.B. Garhwal University Campus, PAURI
14018 Government P.G. College, AGASTYAMUNI
14050 Government Degree College, Chaubattakhal, CHAUBATTAKHAL
15016 R.C.U. Government P.G. College, UTTARKASHI
15029 Government Post Graduate College, New Tehri, TEHRI GARHWAL
16022 PNG Government PG College, RAMNAGAR
16023 S.B.S Government P.G College, RUDRAPUR
16034 M.B. Government P.G. College, HALDWANI
16052 Radhey Hari Government P.G. College, KASHIPUR
16090 H.N.B. Government P.G. College, KHATIMA
17007 Government P.G. College, RANIKHET
17013 Government P.G.College, DWARAHAT
17030 Government Degree College, KARANPRAYAG
17068 Government Post Graduate College, Gopeshwar, GOPESHWAR
17069 Kumaun University SSJ Campus, Almora, ALMORA
18002 Government P.G. College, PITHORAGARH
18004 Government P.G. College, NARAYAN NAGAR
18011 Government P.G. College, LOHAGHAT
18029 Government P.G. College, CHAMPAWAT
18032 Government Degree College, BERINAG
19001 Government P. G. College, BAGESHWAR