School of CS & IT : Urgent notification for the submission of Project report

Keeping in view the problem in the submission of the hard copy of the project report due to COVID-19, the School of Computer Science and IT has decided to accept the soft copy of the project report. The procedure for the submission is as follows:

  1. Prepare the soft copy of the project report following the guidelines available at:
  2. The approval of the project guide is necessary before the submission of the report. The learners may obtain the permission for their project guide via email and forward the same email where the project guide has certified that the project has been completed under his supervision following the guidelines provided by the University. That email must include the final copy of the project report in PDF format.
  3. The learners shall ensure that the project is not copied from any source and is the original work carried out by him/her. In case plagiarism is found, the project shall be cancelled.
  4. The project report for MCA/MSCIT/PGDCA/BCA/PGDCS/MSC(CS)programs should be emailed to Mr. BalamDafouti at:  [email protected]with the subject " Project Report for MCA/MSCIT/PGDCA/BCA/PGDCS/MSC(CS)".
  5. Project reports for MSC(GIS)/MA(GIS) should be email to Dr. Ranju Joshi Pande at: [email protected] with the subject " Project report for MGIS".
  6. The report must reach the above faculty members within the specified deadline specified in the notice i.e. 30 May 2020.
  7. The concerned faculty members shall forward the list of projects received after the last date of submission to the examination section. Exam section shall allocate the soft copy of the project to the experts for evaluation.

Director-School of Computer Sc. & IT